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06 July 2021

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Ditec TS 35 is the new irreversible telescopic operator for swing gates for frequent use and residential applications. Quick to install, in just three simple steps: with the gate closed, fix the motor onto the pillar using the pre-drilled bracket plate, extend the telescopic arm and fasten it to the gate wing.

EXTREMELY STURDY built reliable to last longer

  • the use of stainless steel for the motor shaft, gears and screw ensures superior durability
  • ball bearings for smooth operation and powerful motor guarantees high thrust force
  • configurable deceleration settings for both opening and closing movements
  • the pre-drilled brackets are thicker than competitors to withstand torsional and shearing forces more effectively

The KITs that make the difference

Discover the advanced functions offered by using Ditec TS automation and Ditec LCA control panels together with Ditec control and security accessories: 

  • LIN2 compact photocells with orientable electronic board
  • ZEN remote controls with rolling code or AES-128 encrypted protocol, with literally billions of billions of possible combinations to make cloning impossible
  • Ditec FLM multi-voltage flashing light with built-in flashing circuit and with a choice of white, blue, green, yellow or orange signal light colours (only with complete version of kit)


  • menu with configuration wizard (Wizard WZ) to configure the control panel quickly and simply during initial setup: just choose the operating logic, the number of gate wings and whether or not to enable automatic closing, memorize the remote controls, and you’re ready to go!
  • pre-configured operating logics: automatic operation with or without deceleration at end of travel, timer-controlled operation with or without deceleration at end of travel, and timer-controlled operation with force limitation
  • in case of specific needs, installers can adjust more than 100 parameters, using the easy-to-use menu, the display and the navigation buttons
  • Green Mode for saving energy when in standby state
  • integrated diagnostics with counters and recent alarms log (shown on the control panels display).
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