Hermetic Sliding Door (Double Open)

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26 May 2023

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Product characteristics

  • The door body adopts black border frameless glass observation window and anti-collision belt, which is integrated and has a sense of integrity.
  • The external power beam and the door are directly hung on the wall, which is quick and easy to install; the embedded power beam is embedded and installed on the same plane as the wall, which is more beautiful and full of integrity.
  • Adopting the company's unique high-tech patent design, it has good sealing performance, prevents cross-contamination, and maximizes clean performance. The airtight performance meets the national standard (GB/T7106-2008), the 8th level (the highest level).
  • The unique handle design makes the opening force lower when the power is off.


  • The overall operation is brisk and peaceful, with good indoor and outdoor sound insulation.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: The door is sturdy and thick, opens and closes quickly, reduces air circulation to a minimum, prevents cold wind and dust from entering places with cleanliness requirements, and maintains constant humidity and constant temperature.
  • The humanized barrier-free design makes the patient and the cart safe and convenient to use, providing the greatest possible convenience.
  • Optional imported motor and brush motor, German brand, stable operation.
  • It adopts all-inclusive door frame with beautiful appearance.


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